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WWW2007 Newsletter -- April 27, 2007 (Issue #11)

This is the eleventh issue of the WWW2007 Newsletter. In this issue:

  1. WWW2007 on-site logistics
  2. What to do around Banff?
  3. Get ready for a barbecue, Alberta style
  4. Last minute reminders

1. WWW2007 on-site logistics

WWW2007 is less than two weeks away! To help you get prepared, a page with details about the WWW2007 conference, including registration desk, sponsor exhibits, shipping, Internet, and on-site printing and copying has been setup. This page will be updated as more details are worked out, so please check it regularly.

A few important notes:

2. What to do around Banff?

There are lots of opportunities for outings around Banff:

3. Get ready for a Barbecue, Alberta style

Get ready for lots of fun! The WWW2007 banquet will be a true western barbecue experience at the famous Brewster's MountView Barbecue "donut tents" (indoor facility) on the outskirts of Banff. Inside the tents, a central bonfire provides warmth and atmosphere to dance the night away in country and western style. Enjoy good food, and lots of it, with 2 complimentary drink tickets, lively western music, and amazing after-dinner entertainment.

Extra guest tickets may be purchased via the online registration system. Bus transportation to/from the event will be provided from the conference hotel.

4. Last minute reminders

If you are planning to attend WWW2007, but have not yet registered, then please do so before May 1. Registering now means that your name tag, registration receipt, and event tickets will be ready for you upon your arrival, minimizing the lineup delay for you and others at the WWW2007 registration desk. It also helps the conference organizers with room configuration and food ordering. Bonus offer: the lucky 1000th registrant (soon) will be free!

If you have not yet booked a hotel room in Banff, please do so right away. We are currently retaining only 1 overflow hotel, namely the Tunnel Mountain Resort, with about 30 rooms left. Please try there first. Almost everything else in Banff is full.

To get from Calgary to Banff, please see the local transportation information provided on the WWW2007 Web site. Please book your shuttle, limo, or rental car well in advance of your arrival so that you are not left stranded at the airport! We are not kidding.

Students can look forward to an exciting week in Banff. There are 152 students registered for the conference already, with 50 of these having received travel awards. Check the the WWW2007 students page for the latest information about hiking, skiing, and the GPS contest.

See you soon!

The WWW2007 Newsletter will be sent periodically, roughly once every month leading up to the conference. The newsletters will be archived at the 'Media and Publicity' section of the WWW2007 Web site.

Contact the WWW2007 Publicity Chair, (Denilson Barbosa, with news and/or announcements for upcoming editions of the Newsletter.

We have made every effort to keep the circulation of the newsletters amongst those interested in receiving them. If you are not in this group, please accept our apologies; we ask you to send an email to requesting to be removed from our mailing list.