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Proposal submission deadline: January 8, 2007
Notification date: February 2, 2007

WWW2007 panels should focus on emerging technologies, controversial issues, or unsolved problems in the World Wide Web community. Panels are expected to stimulate lively, thoughtful, and sometimes provocative discussions. Panelists are expected to actively engage the audience and help them broaden their understanding of the issues.

Particular areas of interest for panels include, but are not limited to:

Panel Proposal Submission Procedure:

Panel proposals must include:

Please append short bios for moderator and each panelist, from whom prior approval to participate should be obtained. Each panel proposal should also indicate whether other similar panels have happened in other recent conferences or workshops. If there have been similar panels then the panel proposal should point out the differences between the previous panels and the proposed panels.

Proposals should be 4-6 pages long and can be submitted in either HTML or PDF. Please send proposals for WWW2007 panels to

Panel formats:

Panels should last 90 minutes and typically include three to five panelists plus a moderator. Be creative about the panel format. A typical format includes:

You are also welcome to use various forms of multimedia presentations to help engage the audience.

Duties of the Panel Moderator:

The panel moderator is the most important participant in a panel. The moderator must take an active role during the panel to ensure that the panelists stay on time and on track and to stimulate debate.

The most important part of the moderator's job, however, occurs well before the panel starts. It is the duty of the moderator to force the panelists to prepare lively and controversial initial presentations and to be prepared for the debate part of the panel. Panel moderators thus must spend a significant amount of time "herding cats", i. e., getting the panelists to adequately prepare.